If you’d like to use the Korg NTS-1 with the DirtyWave M8, you’ll need the MIDI CC codes in hexadecimal. This table is converted from this source. Korg also has a MIDI Implementation Chart that contains the parameter addresses, but it does not give any hints about the required values for different selections.

To create this table, I manually copied the results from the source material into Excel and then I wrote this vbScript user defined function to use to convert the values in the usage notes to hexadecimal.


The NTS-1 loses all settings when powered off. If you configure an instrument in your M8 (or other MIDI controller) with these codes, you can ensure that your settings are saved.


  • The M8 is limited to 10 parameters.
  • The M8 tries to be efficient about sending CC codes.

I think codes are only sent just before notes are sent and if the M8 doesn’t think it has already sent the same codes recently. If you restart your NTS-1 the M8 won’t send any CC codes. You’ll have to fiddle with the values for each code to trigger the M8 to re-send them (for example: increase by one, decrease by one).


Thanks to YouTube user Space Town for creating this video which motivated this work. I recommend the video for a demonstration of using these devices together.

Heading Parameter CC MSB (Decimal) Usage (hexadecimal)
Volume Envelope Generator Type 14 0: ADSR; 19: AHR; 32: AR; 4B: AR loop; 7F: Open
Attack 16
Release 19
Tremolo Depth 20
Rate 21
Oscillator LFO Rate 24
LFO Depth 26
Type 53 0: Sawtooth; 19: Tri; 32: Square; 4B: VPM; 7F: Waves (User)
Wave Shaping 54
Alt 55
Modulation Time 28
Depth 29
Delay Time 30
Depth 31
Mix 33
Reverb Time 34
Depth 35
Dry/Wet Mix 36
Filter Type 42 0: Lowpass-2pole; 12: Lowpass-4 pole; 24: Bandpass-2pole; 36: Bandpass-4pole; 48: Highpass-2 pole; 5A: Highpass-4pole; 7F: Off
Cutoff 43
Resonance 44
Sweep Depth 45 0-3E: Cutoff depth (up); 3F: None; 40-7F: Cutoff depth (down)
Sweep Cutoff 46
FX Modulation type 88 0: Off; 19: Chorus; 32: Ensemble; 4B: Phase; 7F: Flanger
Delay type 89 0: Off; 15: Stereo; 2A: MNono; 3F: Ping pong; 54: Highpass; 7F: Tape
Reverb type 90 0: Off; 15: Hall; 2A: Plate; 3F: Space; 54: Riser; 7F: Submarine
Arpeggiator Pattern Length 117 0: Up; C: Down; 18: Up-down; 24: Down-up; 30: Conv; 3C: Div; 48: Conv-div; 54: Div-conv; 60: Rand; 7F: Stoch
Intervals 118 0: Oct; 15: Maj; 2A: Sus; 3F: Aug; 54: Min; 7F: Dim
Length 119