Portaging on the River of Life

We are born onto an assembly line. We are handed from institution to institution where we are graded on what we should know and indirectly taught what we should value. I think most of us use the values we’ve been indirectly taught as our water wings. If you don’t take responsibility for your path, it will be taken from you.

Perspective and Communication

Perspective shapes how we interpret the world, and the world shapes our perspective. If you grew up in an abusive home, it shaped your interpretation of your relationships. If you grew up with a silver spoon in your mouth, it will shape your interpretation of what you are entitled to. We can change our perspective, but it’s pretty hard.

How to Choose a Career: Don’t Take it Too Seriously

I grew up with the American exceptionalism bug. I valued aggressive personal and economic growth at the expense of hard work. Anything less than toil and progress felt like failure. Imperceptible process meant stagnation and that concept seemed to be something like death. I didn’t know how to choose a career, but I knew that I needed to make money to be independent.