This is a selection of projects I have developed and shared publically.

Nova Scotia Power Outage Tracker

A WASM application written in Rust that uses Svelte for its frontend, available here.


Nova Scotia Power makes current outage information available via a map. However, I was curious about the distribution of outages across the province and across time. With enough data I’d like to attempt to predict outages on a per-region basis using weather forecasts, and also make an independent forecast of outage resolution time.


This software has three components:

  1. Frontend WASM application
  2. Backend GRPC service
  3. A scheduled task that periodically fetches current outage information

All components are written in Rust, though the frontend does use some JavaScript. This was my last JavaScript project when using WASM; I have since switched to Yew which affords a true “full stack” Rust development workflow. It’s funny how history repeats itself; it’s the same motivation that node.js developers had in using JavaScript for server-side work.