This is a selection of projects I have developed and shared publically.

Nova Scotia Power Outage Tracker

A WASM application written in Rust that uses Svelte for its frontend, available here.


Nova Scotia Power makes current outage information available via a map. However, I was curious about the distribution of outages across the province and across time. With enough data I’d like to attempt to predict outages on a per-region basis using weather forecasts, and also make an independent forecast of outage resolution time.


This software has three components:

  1. Frontend WASM application
  2. Backend GRPC service
  3. A scheduled task that periodically fetches current outage information

All components are written in Rust, though the frontend does use some JavaScript. This was my last JavaScript project when using WASM; I have since switched to Yew which affords a true “full stack” Rust development workflow. It’s funny how history repeats itself; it’s the same motivation that node.js developers had in using JavaScript for server-side work.

Neural Note

An Android application for taking quick structured notes on the go. Notes were stored in a graph structure linked by tags. Tag input has a built-in auto-complete feature to enable description tags without incurring a painful input cost. CSV import and export were implemented to allow interoperability with the SimpleMind mind mapping software. It was very purple. It supported embedded images. Please forgive the trading content in the first screenshot, I have since learned the folly of trading.

When I found Logseq I abandoned the project, pulled it from the Play Store, and used Logseq instead. On the go I use the notes to self feature of a messaging app, but Logseq is my personal knowledge management system now; it’s easy enough to periodically copy and paste into it from a messaging app.


Notes view

Note input with tag autocomplete